Amateurs look for help from Jefferson City

Amateur radio could be strengthened in Missouri upon the passing of a bill currently nearing debate within the Missouri House of Representatives.

Missouri House Bill 1951 will provide relief to amateur radio operators who are set back by restrictions of antennas set by homeowners’ associations, or similar housing organizations.

The bill is currently in the Rules Committee. It will be presented to the full house when the House of Representatives Majority Leader, Rep. Mike Cierpiot (R-District 30), or Speaker of the House, Rep. Todd Richardson (R-152) requests to move the bill forward. If passed in the House, the bill will move on to the Senate for confirmation before the bill ends up in the hands of Gov. Jay Nixon (D).

Wentzville resident Larry Scantlan, KE0KZ, first initiated the idea for the bill, which was authored by Rep. Bryan Spencer (R-District 63). It has since been co-sponsored by Reps. Robert Cornejo (R-District 64), Jim Neely (R-District 8) and Kurt Bahr (R-District 102).

Missouri Amateurs are asked to actively contact their respective district representative, Majority Leader Rep. Cierpiot and Speaker of the House Rep. Richardson in regards to the bill. Each representative’s contact information can be found here.

Regular updates on the bill can be found on the facebook group set up by Scantlan. will provide information of any major updates regarding the bill. 


New Repeaters Page

If you check out the repeaters tab above, you might notice you are no longer going to a page on showmeham but rather to the site. It was kinda silly for us to maintain our own list when the folks over at RepeaterBook have probably the most accurate and up to date list of anyone. And if you have an Android or Apple device you can also use the RepeaterBook app to find repeaters in your vicinity. Use the links below to find the app for your device.


Paul Revere Net Celebrates 40 Years

In 1975 the late Beryl Masters launched the Paul Revere Net for the first time. Forty years later, the Paul Revere Amateur Radio Club sponsors the net, held at midnight each Sunday morning (also referred to be Saturday Night) keeping the net alive and strong. If you are in Kansas City, the staff encourages you to check into the net each week on the 146.94 K0HAM repeater to honor both the net and Beryl’s legacy. To find out more about the Paul Revere Amateur Radio Club click here.



WW1USA Announces First Event of 2015

This message comes to us from

Herb Fiddick, NZ0F for The National World War 1 Museum Amateur Radio Club
<[email protected]>

The next WW1USA special event is scheduled for February 78, 2015.  As usual, we will start operations at 10AM local time on Saturday and end at 5PM local time on Sunday.  We will be inside the lobby of The World War 1 Museum at Liberty Memorial where it’s warm and cozy.  Parking is free and you don’t need a ticket to get to our station location.
The sponsoring club for this operation is The National World War 1 Museum Amateur Radio Club.  All amateurs in the region are invited to participate, regardless of other club affiliations or license class.

We will be using on-line sign-ups for this event.  See the link below to sign up for your preferred time(s).


Our 2014 operations yielded 4800+ contacts from around the US and around the world.  Come join the fun for 2015.

NCVEC Releases New General Class Question Pool

The Question Pool Committee of the National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (NCVEC) has released the 2015-2019 Element 3 (General Class) question pool. The new question pool becomes effective for all Element 3 examinations administered on or after July 1, 2015, and it remains valid until June 30, 2019.

The question pool files are available in PDF, Microsoft Word (. doc), and ASCII text formats. Section G7A requires the use of one illustration, a schematic identified as G7-1. This drawing file is published separately. Further information can be found on the web at,


Show Me Hams Participating in The Great US Central Shakeout 2014

Drop, Cover and Hold On, The Great US Central Shakeout is October 16th and Amateur Radio Operators across the Show Me State will be practicing Drop, Cover and Hold On at 10:16AM so that they can survive and then go help communicate. In 2013 over 2.4 million people participated in the Shakeout, of those over 400-thousand were in Missouri. This year over 2.3 million have registered to participate, and 420-thousand of them are from Missouri.

While those of us north of I-70 will likely not feel an earthquake, you’ll be the ones that will be providing support for those of us in the Southern half of the state will know very quickly the next time the New Madrid Fault decides to move. The New Madrid Fault has historically produced some of the biggest earthquakes in the United States.

Radio clubs in Missouri that will be participating in the Great US Central Shakeout include the Callaway Amateur Radio League in Fulton. Douglas County Amateur Radio Club in Ava and St. Louis County ARES in Maryland Heights. ShowMeHam has not heard if the Missouri Emergency Services Net on 3963 kHz will be stood up for the event this year. But it’s also not too late to get your club involved. Use this link to find out how you can be ready for an earthquake here in the Show Me State.

AC0G appointed State MARS Training Officer

Michael J. Hauan (ACØG), of Fulton, MO, has been appointed State Training Officer for the Missouri Army Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS). A MARS member since last year, Hauan holds an amateur radio Extra Class license. He is member of the Central Missouri Amateur Radio Association where he has held the position of Vice President, and is the current Volunteer Examiner Coordinator.  He is also a member and past president of Boone County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES).

Born in Mankato, MN, “Listening as a child to the far off signals in the dead of the night” is what prompted Michael to get his first amateur radio license in 1984.

His interest in amateur radio includes emergency communications, digital modes, software-defined radio and antenna designs. Hauan says that he hopes to help MARS become more connected with local hams in support of emergency communications efforts and emergency agencies at the local and regional levels.

Jodie Rouse, KD0LDE/AAM7RP
Region 7 Public Affairs, Army MARS
<[email protected]>

New Legislation Protects Amateur Radio

In a video, ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN, has issued an urgent call to action to all radio amateurs to get behind a grassroots campaign to promote co-sponsorship of HR.4969, “The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014.” HR.4969 would require the FCC to extend PRB-1 coverage to restrictive covenants. It was introduced in the US House with bipartisan support on June 25 at the request of the ARRL, which worked with House staffers to draft the legislation. The measure would require the FCC to apply the “reasonable accommodation” three-part test of the PRB-1 federal pre-emption policy to private land-use restrictions regarding antennas. The bill’s primary sponsor is Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-IL). It had initial co-sponsorship from Rep Joe Courtney (D-CT). President Craigie also exhorted all radio amateurs regarding support for HR.4969 in remarks appearing in the The ARRL Legislative Update Newsletter. Craigie stressed in the Newsletter that the legislation stands to benefit not just today’s radio amateurs but those in the future. “Chances are, those Americans of the future will grow up in communities having private land use restrictions,” she said “That is the way the country is going, and it is very bad for Amateur Radio. How can Amateur Radio thrive, if more and more Americans cannot have reasonable antennas at home? You and I have to stand for the Amateurs of the second century.” If the measure passes the 113th Congress, it would require the FCC to amend the Part 97 Amateur Service rules to apply PRB-1 coverage to include homeowners’ association regulations and deed restrictions, often referred to as “covenants, conditions, and restrictions” (CC&Rs). At present, PRB-1 only applies to state and local zoning laws and ordinances. An HR.4969 page now is open on the ARRL website. It contains information and resources for clubs and individuals wishing to support efforts to gain co-sponsors for the measure by contacting their members of Congress

Field Day Soapbox 2014

Field Day Coming to WWI Musuem

National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City is planning a number of Amateur Radio Special Events in commemoration of the Centennial of the Great War. The first such event will kick off on Field Day, which is also the 100 year anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand which is considered by many to be the spark which ignited this world wide conflict, the echos of which are still heard today.

Please help spread the word!

For more details, please see the following:

National World War I Museum Event Web Site:

A very well produced video regarding the Amateur Radio Special Events:

Raytown Amateur Radio Club Poster, Announcing the Field Day Special Event:

Spread the word!!

73 and Thanks!

Randy Schulze – KDØHKD
Raytown Amateur Radio Club

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